Monday to Thursday:
8 am to 2:30 pm

Regain a strong and healthy body!

Massage therapy is a manual therapy used to reduce muscle tension and pain. It also helps preventing illness and it improves your well-being.
Our massage therapists provide personalized care to adapt the treatment to your reality. Once your needs are determined, they will choose the most appropriate massage technique to relieve your ailments.


Swedish massage

Swedish massage is ideal for reducing physical and emotional stress. It relaxes the muscles, stimulates the skin and the nervous system. It improves blood circulation and frees your muscles from accumulated toxins.


Sports massage

Sports massage offers athletes the chance to reach their full potential by reducing the risk of injury. This massage is more of a treatment than a relaxation massage.

It helps reduce muscle cramps and spasms, reduce stress and anxiety, as well as relieving chronic pain.



Do you have muscle or joint pains? Physiotherapy can improve your daily comfort and relieve your chronic or progressive pain through massages and adapted exercises.

Our Massage Therapist Team